Coral – My favorite color

Yes it’s true I love coral. This magical color is the most flattering to wear and it adds life and joy to a room. It’s so versatile I call it the new “neutral.” Coral has the energy of red, yet softer; the flattery of pink yet more sophisticated..the cheeriness of yellow yet more unexpected.

As a designer I’m always exploring shades and color combinations.The many beautiful coral tones always work, they never disappoint!

Coral is a natural with all shades of blue; it has a botanical feel when

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combined with green and it adds a decided pop as an accent color with brown or black. It goes soft focus when combined with beige, ivory and desert tones.

Next time you’re thinking of a new accessory, an easy update or adding color to a room think of a luscious, beautiful, eye catching dash of coral. Think of it as the new neutral, I do!

To find the coral paint colors shown above have a look at

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